Creating an Uber-Leader

I’ve been following, with some dismay, the downward arc of the career of Travis Kalanick (Uber). He seems like one of many we’ve seen before – a very bright and driven entrepreneur who makes poor decisions and goes off the rails. Such a loss of talent. And the disruptions – so costly to a company. […]

I Want to Work for You. Maybe.

If you’re in the 1% of companies that need exactly what I have to offer as a small-business clarity advisor, I want to work for you. If you’re in the 99% that don’t – well, maybe you know someone in the 1%? Please read on… What businesses are in the 1%? Many or all of the following […]

Meet Amanda Bergen, On-Line Video Trainer/Coach

This is the second post of a regular series here, introducing  you to some of the top people in my network. I’m  producing a series of vignettes so that you can find out, with clarity, exactly what type of work these great people do (their sweet spot), and who they are doing it for (their marketplace bullseye). Today, I’d […]