Why Would You Hire Words That Don’t Work?

Ever feel like people aren’t really “getting” what you do? Frustrating (and very common, btw). And then there’s that experience when you’ve met someone in a networking meeting and you walk away thinking, “what the heck does he do?” File under forgotten. We’ve hired words that don’t work. Bad investment. If there’s anything I’ve learned […]

What is Your Company’s Domain Expertise?

I am giving you 20 Questions that you’ll want to answer in order to set your business focus, and make your company referral-ready. The first one was, What are your Company Strengths? Now, let’s turn to… Question #2 – What is your Company’s Domain Expertise? You should know that I have a total lack of interest in anything related […]

A 4-Dimensional Approach to Pinpointing Your “Sweet Spot”

As a business, you have the complete freedom to market whatever-you-do to whomever-you-want. Unfortunately, selling whatever to whomever is typically not a sound business strategy, which is why I advocate for clearly defining your professional “sweet spot.” How does that work out on a practical level? Let me walk you through a simple 4-dimensional process I […]

Cutting Through the Fog of Business

You’ve heard the expression “the fog of war,” right? It’s all about the ambiguity and uncertainty that comes from limited knowledge and battlefield chaos. Static plans on paper never translate well into the dynamic timeline of active conflict. Everyone is now trying to make high-stakes decisions with fragments of incomplete information, further influenced by the […]

De-Fragment Your Business Strategy

As I talk in-depth to small business people (including consultants), I am seeing a pattern over and over again. I think it may actually be endemic for most professionals. Let’s call it business fragmentation. What do I mean? Well, over time, perhaps our offerings have become more diverse or less focused (sometimes in response to a […]

Not All Business is Good Business

I don’t remember where or when I first heard it, but the phrase has stuck with me like white on rice: Not all business is good business. Some projects that seem to promise high revenue may (in reality) equal low profit – or even a loss. If you step back and be objective (closing your ears […]