Welcome To Charlie’s Takeout Char-Broiled Chicken Thighs Served on China

“Can I take your order? You’d like some char-broiled chicken thighs served on china? Well, you’re in the right place!” Is it possible to be a little bit too specific when naming your business? Actually….yes. I regularly advise companies not to be generic about their business name – Enterprise Business Solutions, Inc., for instance, says absolutely […]

Pigeonhole Me. Please.

“I’m really tired of being pigeonholed as a ___________ – there’s  more to me than that!” Frustrating, isn’t it? When you’re categorized and put in a box that limits the fulness of who you are? We are multi-faceted people and we want to be recognized as more than just a (mother/father/student/neighbor/waiter/chef/world’s-worst-driver). But, when it comes […]

Role Your Own

Rep. Manager. Associate Director. Senior Director. Vice President. The business world is full of titles, all nicely arranged for you in various hierarchies. All waiting for you – compelling you – to fit in. Conform. Architect. Engineer. Doctor. Writer. Teacher. Pre-packaged job descriptions, with pre-ordained responsibilities. Pick a role. Conform. Someone else has decided your […]