Are You a Business Mayor? (not a misspelling)

I spent most of this past week in Scottsdale at a major industry conference for Life Sciences Trainers and Educators (LTEN) – much of my consulting and network-buildingĀ over the last 2 decades has focused on that community. (quick hint about Arizona: when it’s over 100 degrees out, that’s probably not the time or place to […]

The Clarity of Convince and Convert

  Jay Baer and his crew over at Convince and Convert have unveiled a newly-redesigned website, and I have to commend them on one thing in particular. One thing that’s missing in so much on-line promotion. Clarity. So few websites (you can swap in the word “marketing materials”) get right to the point and explain […]

The Cornerstone of Success: Youtility

Let me begin this review of Jay Baer‘s recently-released business book “Youtility” by stating that the core message – the best way to succeed in business is to actually be helpful – is hardly novel or original. It’s just rarely practiced – which makes this a very important volume for anyone seeking to launch or […]

Social Media – So What?

Social Media used to be a blast. You know, 4-8 years ago, when digital networks were just rising to the surface, and there was an aura of discovery around new people, new tools, new access to information. It was really fun. There’s no doubt that social networking/digital connectivity are going to continue to play a […]