Noise! Noise! NOISE!

  You and I are in a war for attention. The scarcest (& most valuable) human commodity of all. What is your biggest competition for that customer, for that job, for marketplace recognition? Sun Tzu wrote in the famous Art of War: “Know your enemy.” I’m here to tell you – that enemy is the NOISE. […]

Meet DJ Waldow, Career Transition Coach

DJ Waldow is a passionate guy. And he’s had a varied set of roles in his long career (many of us know him as a very public face of e-mail marketing). He even wrote a book on the subject. But DJ is more than that. His greatest desire is to help people. And, as he has re-discovered […]

The Career Mid-Life Crisis (yes, it’s normal!)

No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of mid-life crisis. You know – tossing off all responsibilities, kissing corporate life good-bye forever, opening up a coffee/parasailing shop in Mexico, living on a boat and a Harley, and selling sea gull dung as a sustainable energy source. No – not that kind. But, in the many […]

Sold on You

You have something vitally important to sell. You. We’ve all heard that familiar expression, “we’re all in sales.” And it’s true. While we may not have the title “Sales Representative” on our business card, and a sell sheet for some product or service we’re pushing, we’re still responsible for selling our most important asset. Ourselves. Your resume (and/or […]

Searching For A New Job? Define Your Bullseye

It’s a great idea to define your own professional “sweet spot“ when looking for a new job. But don’t stop there – also define a best-fit target role and company. Talking to a friend this week about his job search, it became clear rather quickly what his sweet spot is: he’s a deeply experienced IT infrastructure manager. […]

Your Career: Growing, or Shrinking?

  There’s a certain appealing simplicity to the recent crop of AT&T ads – you know, the one with the deadpan guy sitting around with some young kids, asking questions like, “What’s better – bigger, or smaller?” So, let’s ask a very simple question about your current career path or job role. Ready? Are you […]