Five Indispensable Attitudes for an Effective Brainstorming Meeting

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to facilitate an all-day Clarity Therapy meeting with a small company. We made tremendous progress despite one rather daunting circumstance: There were 14 of us in the room. You know how hard it is to get 5 people to agree on anything, right? Or even get them to take […]

Four Ways to Get Out of Someone Else’s Box

I remember, a number of years back when working with another company, the intense frustration I felt (along with my colleagues) when a certain pharmaceutical client – a very important customer spending a pretty fair chunk of change with us – refused to even hear of some expanded business offerings we wanted to promote. No! You […]

The Four Elements of Sweet Branding Clarity

  In a marketplace overloaded with digital noise and incessant messaging, it’s quite a challenge to make your brand stand out with clarity. Especially for small businesses and solopreneurs. Breaking through all the clutter is not merely a matter of a cute logo and catchy tagline. And it certainly doesn’t involve multi-million dollar ad campaigns. To make your brand […]

Going for a Walk in the Jargon

I have, in front of me, a marketing piece from a real estate agent. And, like about 90% of all marketing pieces (including websites) that I see, it doesn’t speak directly to me in my language. It is full of industry insider language. Jargoneering. Maybe your marketing materials are similarly afflicted. It happens so easily, […]

A 4-Dimensional Approach to Pinpointing Your “Sweet Spot”

As a business, you have the complete freedom to market whatever-you-do to whomever-you-want. Unfortunately, selling whatever to whomever is typically not a sound business strategy, which is why I advocate for clearly defining your professional “sweet spot.” How does that work out on a practical level? Let me walk you through a simple 4-dimensional process I […]

What’s The Point?

I was contemplating an impressive LinkedIn profile recently. Loads of great bragging points. Awards, titles, all that jazz. Maybe 99 points out of 100 on the impressive scale. But that one missing point…that was the biggest of all. I couldn’t tell what the person was after. There was no why. There was no WIIFM. No […]

Confessions of a Recovering “More” Addict

I can’t help it. I’m always thinking about more. More reach. More customers. More, more, more. That’s the default setting, even when I know better. Maybe all marketers are afflicted with this addiction (are you?) The answer, of course, is not more. It’s better. Knowing our target audience and putting more of our effort there. As […]

Tap Into the Power of Your Story

  I was reading a wonderful case study from Mark Schaefer‘s {grow} blog about storytelling and it got my wheels turning today (before you go any further, go over and read that post. Really. It’s far better than anything I’ll be writing. Then you can come back…!) We rightly want to come up with a […]

Baby, Bathwater, and the “Social Media Fantasy”

  This week, the Ad Contrarian blog put out a provocative post entitled The Slow Painful Collapse of the Social Media Fantasy. There are some interesting points in there and I’d urge you to read it if you haven’t. But, as is typical with any single article, headline, or tweet, we often overstate our case. […]