Stop Offering Solutions!

  The whole “solutions” bandwagon really took off during the tech explosion of the 90’s and 00’s. I guess it was hard to explain what such-and-software would actually do, so companies starting labeling what they did as “solutions.” Like all bad diseases, “solution-ism” began to morph and spread. Soon everyone was a “solutions provider.” It’s […]

Get Pithy

  Pithy (adj.): concise and forcefully expressive And that pithy definition of pithy nails it perfectly. If your marketing message is not pithy, it is not likely to be effective. Or memorable. Want to see pithy in action? Read this incredibly concise Q&A with Seth Godin. Especially his final answer. Getting pithy is much harder […]

Why No-one is Handing Out Your Business Card

  I like my paper business cards. I’ll bet you like yours, too. But I really don’t expect much (or any) direct pass-along business from it. Why? Because it’s not about handing out paper. It’s about handing over memory-words. Referrals happen when I occupy one clear and singular place in your mind. When you have […]

Two Reasons Why Getting Clarity Unlocks a World of Referrals

Everyone knows that referrals are the most powerful way to gain new business. However, many great referrals are never given – or received – because the words can’t escape. They’re locked up, waiting for a key called Clarity to release them. Let’s take an example – a real one. I was talking to my friend […]

We’re The Generic Company You’ve Been Looking For!

I work with a lot of corporate training development companies. And I often point out their use of generic, commodity language in marketing. If your website could be swapped out with 5 or 10 of your competitors, just by changing the name, then guess what: You need some differentiation. Here’s a perfect sample, found in […]

Grab Customer Attention with a Clarifying Analogy

“Impactiviti is the eHarmony of pharmaceutical vendor selection.” It took me 18 months to come up with the key analogy to explain my pharma consulting practice, but I’ve gotten more mileage out of that one statement than anything else I’ve used for marketing Impactiviti (my client-vendor “matchmaking” consultancy for pharmaceutical sales/training/marketing). Why is an analogy so important? […]

Be A Marketing Thief

Once we realize that the minds of our potential and actual clients are filled with static, distraction, clutter, and everything-but-you, it becomes clear that we have a one primary task above all others. Break through the fog. It is not up to our customers to figure us out. Throwing a bunch of words against a […]