Will eHarmony Crack the Code of Career Matching?

I am totally into the idea that we need to find our right “fit” – in relationships, careers, professional partnerships, and cultures. I even use the eHarmony analogy when I talk about my biopharma client-vendor matchmaking practice (Impactiviti). It should be no surprise, then, that I was intrigued by this announcement in Fast Company: eHarmony […]

Revenue and Referrals – Yes, it can be done

(btw….I don’t usually use such hype-filled headlines. This one is a blog traffic experiment. Although, it’s also entirely true…! :>) I’ve made a boatload of money over the last 7 years doing something most of us do for free. I make referrals. Trusted, targeted referrals, matchmaking people with resources they need. We all know how […]