Branding Nashville

For many decades, Nashville has been known as Music City – and rightly so. When Santa came down the chimney in Middle Tennessee, the musical talent section of his bag ripped wide open and spilled out all over the place (and that seems to happen every year). The music being made in countless dozens of clubs […]

I Want to Work for You. Maybe.

If you’re in the 1% of companies that need exactly what I have to offer as a small-business clarity advisor, I want to work for you. If you’re in the 99% that don’t – well, maybe you know someone in the 1%? Please read on… What businesses are in the 1%? Many or all of the following […]

Regular People

I was at a networking event last night in downtown Nashville – part of Chris Guillebeau’s new book launch tour – and really enjoyed the time with old friends (that’ll be you, Dave Durham!) and new. Chris was talking about the quest – having the courage to take on an adventure. But one of the […]

Networking? Surrender To Serendipity (the results can be amazing)!

Serendipity. You know what it means, right? You take a vacation – let’s say an Alaskan cruise – and as you’re walking the deck one evening, lo and behold, you stumble into one of your long-lost friends from high school! Unexpected. Unplanned. What are the chances? That’s serendipity. My friend Dave Delaney underscored the importance […]

Culture Shock

30-odd years ago, my wife and I moved from the Nashville area, to NJ (for what we thought was a 4-year stint). It was a true culture shock. And the 4 years turned into 30. Last week, we moved back to the Nashville area. There were multiple reasons, including cost-of-living and a milder climate, but […]

Clarity Interview: Meet Dave Delaney, Nashville’s Networking Evangelist

Dave Delaney wrote the book on professional networking. Really – he did. And it’s a good one – New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline Methods (Amazon affiliate link) Dave is quite well-known as an active networker in social media circles; but, in this interview, we’re drilling down to what […]