Aim at Nothing and You’ll Hit it Every Time

Everyone is not your customer. Would you agree? I hope so. There are people we are best able to serve…and then there’s everybody else. A LOT of everybody else. So we have to take aim. We need to pro-actively define our target market, our target customers. Hopefully, you’ve come to a clear definition of your […]

Who Loves You?

  I am blogging about 20 Questions that you need to answer in order to set your business focus, and make your company referral-ready. The first one was, What are your Company Strengths?, followed by, What is Your Company’s Domain Expertise? Now, let’s turn to… Question #3 – Who Loves You? I’m a big believer in the idea that […]

What Are Your Company Strengths?

This is #1 of 20 Questions to Clarity You can’t grow and market your business without focus. A clear strategic direction, with a well-defined sweet spot in the marketplace, is critical to success. Many companies – not just start-ups, but also established outfits – flounder at this point. Trying to sell without clarity is like […]

Why You Need a Business Fishfinder

In one of my public workshops on the Digital Future, I make the point that the next billion-dollar business will not be in Search, but in Find. What we really want to do isn’t search (which is a means), but find (which is the goal). When it comes to digital platforms, this will require a whole […]