Are You Referral-Ready? Ask These 3 Questions

  One primary goal for EVERY business is to be “referral-ready” – that is, clients and friends and others can easily and accurately refer you to others who need your service. That’s my specialty – helping you get clarity of focus and message so that you can easily be referred by others. Think of being […]

Grab the Unfair Advantage of a Marketing Baton

Imagine a highly trained runner in a 4×100 relay race. He (and his 3 colleagues) have practiced hard; they’re talented, fast, and they know the competition. They’re poised to break the tape at the finish line first, except for one little thing that’s missing. They have no baton. You know, that thing you hand off […]

On Needing Some Clarity – for Myself

I think a lot of us see the holidays as a time, not only for rest and celebration, but also for reflection and planning. I certainly do. And right now, I’m feeling both encouraged…and, truth be told, perplexed. Encouraged, because my mission has become very clear (help individuals and companies gain clarity and direction). I absolutely love […]

Put Your Message on Repeat, not Shuffle

Most of us try to say too many things into our marketplace. It’s like an iPod on shuffle – too many songs, in random order. People won’t remember the lyrics of any one song when they’ve just heard 30 of them. After almost 30 years in business, I can tell you this: the vast majority […]

“I’m Sorry, but I Just Can’t Refer You…”

Wouldn’t it be awful to hear those words from a client or partner or colleague? “I’m sorry, but I just can’t refer you…” Wow, what a slap in the face. Or a wake-up call. But what if you’re actually great at what you do, and you’re still not getting referrals? What’s the problem then? Maybe […]

Two Reasons Why Getting Clarity Unlocks a World of Referrals

Everyone knows that referrals are the most powerful way to gain new business. However, many great referrals are never given – or received – because the words can’t escape. They’re locked up, waiting for a key called Clarity to release them. Let’s take an example – a real one. I was talking to my friend […]

Revenue and Referrals – Yes, it can be done

(btw….I don’t usually use such hype-filled headlines. This one is a blog traffic experiment. Although, it’s also entirely true…! :>) I’ve made a boatload of money over the last 7 years doing something most of us do for free. I make referrals. Trusted, targeted referrals, matchmaking people with resources they need. We all know how […]

An Alternative to the Sales Funnel

I understand the whole sales funnel approach. It has some merit, actually. Reach as many people as you can, bring them through a process whereby their interest is (hopefully) increased, and hope that some percentage of those who start at the top of the funnel end up converting at the bottom into sales transactions. The […]

Becoming the Go-To

Let’s do a little word association exercise. We’ll call it Name That Go-To. When you think of Entrepreneurship, who are the Go-To people that come to mind? _______________ How about Leadership?  _______________ Country Music?  _______________ The fact is, for every area of interest, we associate certain people as our familiar experts – our Go-To, top-of-mind folks that we […]

Enrolling in Referral U

I am convinced that we (collectively) have barely scratched the surface of the power of making referrals. The odd thing is, we all KNOW that the person-to-person referral is THE most powerful driver of business. So why is are referrals so often the exception rather than the rule in our business development? There’s nothing inherently […]