My Dream: Changing How We Do Business

I do have a dream. It’s not just last night’s over-active imagination. It’s a vision that has pulled me forward for decades. There’s something I want to build. Something I yearn to create. Something that will be much bigger than me, that will outlast me, that will have ripples of impact for decades. I see, […]

What Are Your Company Strengths?

This is #1 of 20 Questions to Clarity You can’t grow and market your business without focus. A clear strategic direction, with a well-defined sweet spot in the marketplace, is critical to success. Many companies – not just start-ups, but also established outfits – flounder at this point. Trying to sell without clarity is like […]

Group Clarity Therapy

I did an experiment last week. Some of you knew about it and were cheering me on from a distance (thank you!) Clarity Therapy has always been a one-on-one (or one-on-few in a small company) exercise. And that works wonderfully – digging into a company’s or person’s wiring; figuring out specific potential market opportunities; crafting […]

Role Your Own

Rep. Manager. Associate Director. Senior Director. Vice President. The business world is full of titles, all nicely arranged for you in various hierarchies. All waiting for you – compelling you – to fit in. Conform. Architect. Engineer. Doctor. Writer. Teacher. Pre-packaged job descriptions, with pre-ordained responsibilities. Pick a role. Conform. Someone else has decided your […]