The 80/20 Principle of Starting a Business

Everyone who starts a business soon realizes that the entrepreneur HAS to be open to change. How many of you started a business and had it 100% nailed right out of the gate? Hmmmm….I thought so. Evolution happens. We have ideas. The marketplace has its own needs and ideas. When the two get together, the […]

How Facebook Could Bury Google+ and Twitter

  Let’s face it – Google+ never really got to mainstream adoption as a social network, and its future is now uncertain as Google redeploys internal talent away from developing it. And Twitter? It has lost its heart. In recent days, good friends like Chris Brogan, Joe Cascio, and Carrie Wilkerson have lamented the shift […]

Yes, You CAN Get Personal on Twitter!

  Twitter has become a massive noise machine of shared links, pictures, news items, and platitudes. There’s always been an element of that, of course; but in the early days, it seemed that there was a lot more personal connection and discovery. Which is still happening – and you and I can continue to use […]