The 80/20 Principle of Starting a Business

Everyone who starts a business soon realizes that the entrepreneur HAS to be open to change.

How many of you started a business and had it 100% nailed right out of the gate? Hmmmm….I thought so.

Evolution happens. We have ideas. The marketplace has its own needs and ideas. When the two get together, the smart entrepreneur learns to adjust (sometimes at a tweaking level, and other times radically).

I always preferred wonderful, clear, lovely, unerring roadmaps. Perfect direction. Spot-on strategy. In other words, I was delusional.

Perfectionist, meet reality.

In fact, eight years ago, when starting my own business, I came to the realization that I could only get to about 80% clarity on my direction. The other 20% would have to define itself over time.

Business Clarity

Starting a business, we have to act on partial clarity, and let the rest show up gradually.

Twitter started with a certain set of ideas, then evolved as users determined how it really could/would/should be used. An endless number of businesses have the same story.

In fact, my Clarity Therapy practice was not even part of my original business plan. It developed organically, and slowly came to definition, through interactions with many businesses and individuals over time.

And it’s still evolving.

The conclusion? Don’t be held back by perfectionism. Get started with what you believe you should do, and give the marketplace the opportunity to co-define your direction.

Boldness joined to an evolutionary mindset will lead, over time, to success.


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  1. Well said. Entrepreneurship is all about adjusting to the realities of your market and clients. Adapt!

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