The Doubt Hurdle

Barrier of DoubtOne of the most interesting things I’ve come across time and again when doing Clarity Therapy with individuals is the barrier of self-doubt.

Specifically, doubt that you have something of value to offer outside of someone else’s predefined boxes, roles, and job descriptions.

Do I dare start with who I am (my wiring and top abilities), rather than what they say (the jobs are)?

It sounds like a pretty simple question, right? Yet, it’s a huge psychological and emotional leap. It’s walking up to a cliff, seeing the water below, knowing you can dive and swim (and want to!), but….but….


Some of the smartest and most gifted people I’ve talked to experience this hesitancy.

In a nutshell, here is how I answer (typically in a much more wordy fashion, but here’s the gist):

  1. You have permission to take charge of your future.
  2. You have valuable and unique abilities.
  3. You can do this.
  4. I’ll help (along with my growing network).

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get people over the barrier and into a new way of approaching their next phase of professional life.

The doubt barrier is normal. Most of us doubt ourselves as a default setting.

Now, let’s hurdle it, shall we?



  1. Good insight, as usual, Steve. As an introvert who’s spent his life in sales, there was always some nagging doubt because of not fitting in. The awards and sales records were never enough to erase that doubt. Not until you stop measuring yourself by the standards of others can you begin to combat those feelings, see your real value and bring that value to the workplace. Be the best you.

  2. Cindy Hartin says

    I am currently experiencing this roller coaster. My hope is to start my own business but instead I am looking for a job with zero results. The rejection emails come either an hour after submitting my résumé or six weeks after. But the feelings are the same; I know I am better than this and yet, I keep going back for more because I think that starting my own business is a crazy idea. It is a vicious cycle in a mind of a career focused individual.

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