The Feeling of YES!!

This week, my 12-year old son got his first triple in a Little League game – an opposite field hit that went over the left-fielder’s head.

sweet spotYeah, of course I’m a proud Dad. You do your best to help a kid figure out how to swing a bat, and then that magic moment comes – BOOM! Yes!!

As we were walking home, I was struggling to come up with words to describe the sensation when you hit the ball right on the sweet spot of the bat.

Seth came up with the best summary of all: “It’s the feeling of YES!!”

(The kid’s a genius. I think it comes from his mother…)

And that’s the feeling – the feeling of YES!! – we have when we are working in our professional sweet spot. We know we’re doing what we’re made to do. Others affirm that we’re hitting line drives and even home runs.

It’s the same feeling when our company direction and branding and messaging all come together. When we’ve identified our sweet spot and can effectively tell our story to customers. When we speak with clarity and confidence.

In sales, the goal is to get to “yes” with the prospective customer. But first, we need to get to the feeling of YES with ourselves.

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photo credit: Malingering via photopin cc


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