Three Words. Twelve Letters. Great Tagline.

It was a total old-school breakfast experience.

If you’ve been in the South (or just driven through), you’ve seen the ubiquitous yellow Waffle House roadside signs.

Waffle House

These places look like a throwback to earlier decades, including the signage, the pictures on the walls, even the handwritten checks.

Since my youngest son had never had the Waffle House experience, we went last Saturday morning. And there, I saw the Waffle House tagline genius:



It was a perfect summary.

You come to WH to fill your gut with basic, tasty food. Their customer is not looking for a gourmet experience. There are plenty of other restaurants for that.

Good is good enough.

And, their customer is not looking to linger languidly over expresso and apertifs. In, and out. Fast. Anytime: 24/7/365.

Obviously, since they’ve been in business since 1955 and have 2,100 locations in 25 states, there is a steady clientele for good food, fast.

Whatever your differentiation is in the marketplace, like Waffle House, own it. Don’t try to be all things to all people – that’s a losing strategy.

Three words. Twelve letters. Clear as can be. Plenty of room to tinker without ever changing the tagline.



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