1. This is great advice, Steve. And the picture of the magnolia flower makes it even better.

    Here’s a story: Long ago I coached the company softball team. The team’s best athlete kept cheating herself out of good at-bats by swinging at bad pitches. My co-coach and I pleaded with her to take more pitches – but things only got worse. She’d swing at balls that were over her head, or in the dirt. More than halfway through the season we figured it out: she thought to “take” a pitch meant to swing at it. (If you think about it, that makes perfect sense.) After that, she was a different hitter. All because we finally talked with her, we finally had the simple conversation we should’ve had at the beginning of the season.

    • Oh, for crying out loud, Larry – that is an absolutely PERFECT illustration. We assume so much that is already in our heads….but others don’t share the context. Sure, I’ll “take” that pitch…!

  2. That makes a perfect takeaway for me for today: “get things understood”. Thank you, Steve, for some great advice.

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