Want To Build Your Network? Here’s Your Guide!


Over the years, I’ve read a lot of business volumes, and a bunch of social media books. Some have disappointed. Not this one…

book NBN

Dave Delaney‘s New Business Networking has just taken the top spot, in my thinking, for a practical book that will walk you through the steps you need to take for building a professional network.

If you are relatively new to building a vibrant network (both digital/on-line, as well as off-line) for professional and business development, then this book is indispensable. If you’re just getting out of college, NBN is doubly indispensable. Get it NOW.

Dave guides the reader through all the necessary networking steps; from setting up meetings over coffee, to using the most modern digital tools, to attending events, to crafting a business card – and does it with just the right mix of explanation, examples, and personal anecdotes.

There are helpful sections on using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the like – but Dave never loses sight of the most important tool, which is YOU – face-to-face relating to real people.

You want to be guided in the networking world by someone who has actively done it, not a some geek-theoretician who never leaves a computer screen. Having watched Dave’s activity on-line over the years, I knew he was a very active network-building (and overall nice guy). Turns out he can write an incredibly useful and engaging book as well. The volume is sprinkled with helpful tips, cautions, insights, and references.

Highly recommended!


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  1. You sir, just made my week!
    Thanks a million for the kind words. I sincerely appreciate it. I’m thrilled you found it helpful.


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