Well, that was simply amazing…!

I must confess that I was not expecting to earn the title “#1 Bestselling Author” this week.

But it actually happened – on Wednesday, a group of us (10 authors) launched a collaboratively-written book called Unstuck, and…well, here was the result:

  • Unstuck reached #1 in its Amazon business category for Kindle
  • The book also reached #1 in its Amazon business category for paperbacks
  • It also ranked #12 out of the top 20 new releases of business books, right alongside some pretty big name authors
  • At the peak on launch day, Unstuck was right in the neighborhood of #200 of all Kindle nonfiction eBooks.


And if you were one of the many who downloaded or bought the book (or recommended it to others via re-posting our launch announcement) – may I offer profound thanks on behalf of the entire Unstuck team? YOU made this happen!

The 5-star reviews have started piling up – here is my favorite so far:

Here’s where you can go to buy the book or add your own review – we’re very eager to hear your thoughts. Most of all, we hope that many businesses will find the practical insights that will get them “unstuck.”


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  1. Hey Steve,
    I bought the book when I received your email. I do expect to have you sign it the next time I see you!
    Great work,
    Jim Morris

  2. Congratulations, Steve! I bought two copies, one to keep and one to gift. You deserve all your success!

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