We’re The Generic Company You’ve Been Looking For!

I work with a lot of corporate training development companies. And I often point out their use of generic, commodity language in marketing.

If your website could be swapped out with 5 or 10 of your competitors, just by changing the name, then guess what: You need some differentiation.

Here’s a perfect sample, found in my web wanderings this week:

generictrainingWhat do they offer as a point of differentiation? What sector is their specialty? Why should I sit up and take notice? Is there any kind of brand identity?

It sounds like a whole bunch of other training companies – a vague, unfocused collection of generic biz-speak. Parrot vomit. Interestingly enough, in the copy above, the company claims not to subscribe to the generic. Ha!

When it comes to great positioning in the marketplace, if you strive to sound like everyone else, you end up like everyone else. Conformity = commodity.


Every business needs clarity – a clear offering, direction, and message. Happily, we can help you fix that!


  1. Can your company optimize with synergy?


  2. +1 for parrot vomit

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