What’s The Point?

I was contemplating an impressive LinkedIn profile recently. Loads of great bragging points. Awards, titles, all that jazz. Maybe 99 points out of 100 on the impressive scale.

But that one missing point…that was the biggest of all.

I couldn’t tell what the person was after. There was no why. There was no WIIFM. No clear offer.

Being impressed is not the same as knowing what action I ought to take. Are you looking for a new job? Are you fishing for speaking engagements? Why do I want to connect with you or do business with you?

In other words – what’s the point?

It’s not up to the reader to guess what you’re pursuing in your career. Nor is it up to the buyer to guess what you (as a business) are offering. Before you throw all your bullet points against the wall, you need to ask yourself the one simple question that is top-of-mind for your audience: what’s the point?

For instance – take a look at the last sentence in this LinkedIn profile summary. The exact fit for this person is clearly described:

Ed S Summary

(in fact, based on this clear description, this individual was able to find exactly this type of position with a growing software solutions company – the WIIFM for the hiring company was precisely spelled out. Disclosure: Clarity Therapy client)

Go to Hubspot‘s web page. It is abundantly clear, right away, what they offer – AND, there’s a clear and unambiguous call to action.


If I want to up my marketing game with an on-line platform, I’m in the right place. And I know that instantly. Hubspot doesn’t make me look around to try to decipher their message. And I can dig in to a trial with one click.

Does your business (or resume) have a clear statement of purpose and direction? Do we know right away what you have to offer? Remember – that’s up to YOU to transmit, not for us to figure out!

It’s counter-productive to line up 99 points, if the ONE point that matters isn’t clear. Whomever you use to help you market yourself, be sure they help you get to point!


Make yourself clear with a Clarity Therapy session!

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