Who Is Clarity Therapy For?

One of the things I have learned, after many years of blogging/marketing/communicating, is that you cannot be too plain and simple. We all tend to assume that people have absorbed the full breadth of what we do. You know what? It’s generally not the case at all (and sometimes we’re not even clear on what we do best! :>)

So, this question sometimes comes up – who are my clients for Clarity Therapy?? Who needs this intensive 1/2-day or full-day session to help “discover their fit”?

Here’s the answer:

  1. Small businesses looking to refine their market direction and messaging
  2. Consultants looking to do the same
  3. People in career transition seeking direction by identifying their best strengths and opportunities
  4. Professionals wanting to dig deep and better articulate their personal brand

If that’s you, let’s talk about Clarity Therapy.

Want to learn more? You won’t do better than this podcast interview by Kerry Gorgone, in the Marketing Smarts series (via the Marketing Profs website).


In this fast-paced interview, we go into the development of the Clarity Therapy practice, who it’s for, and examples of how it works. And we also talk about monks sellling muscle cars. Which is, admittedly, a very odd rabbit trail.

>>Also, here’s a selection of testimonials (from my LinkedIn profile) of people who have experienced Clarity Therapy:

“I had a lot of ideas about the direction I wanted to take, but putting them together into a unique offering, with a simple message, was a real struggle. Through a focused Clarity Therapy session, Steve helped bring all the puzzle pieces together and my new brand, my story and my offerings came into focus. Steve was very thorough, empathetic and insightful during our session. I really enjoyed the process and the brainstorming and strategizing environment he created.” 

“Steve has an uncanny ability to hone in on exactly what you need to do to sharpen your business (or personal) focus. He is literally the “clarity therapist,” and is kind, committed, and killer smart to boot. You couldn’t do yourself a greater favor than to work with him.”

“Steve is a genius at distilling all the foggy puzzle pieces into a cohesive description, so that his Clarity Therapy clients can find the words they need to pursue their career or business goals. He quickly sees the DNA beneath all the stories. I regularly refer people to him because I know he will cut to the chase. And wow is he connected! He knows everyone and can get you the connections you need.” 

“Steve is a prime example of someone who actually delivers what so many others claim to deliver and, for one reason or another, fall short by comparison. He has shocked me with his quick insights of complex, layered business dilemmas, and subsequent action planning, on more than one occasion. In other words, he cuts through the clutter and helps you get where you need to go quickly.” 

“Steve helped us write out the recipe for our ‘secret sauce’. After Clarity Therapy, our team is more focused on the people and projects where we make the biggest impact. I would recommend Steve’s Clarity Therapy to teams and organizations that are looking for their differentiator.”

“I have sought the help of many similar professionals during different transitions in my career, but I have never felt as equipped, focused, and aware of myself and the situational horizon as I did after working with Steve. First rate!”

“I never knew what true clarity was until I met Steve. Steve was able to spend just a half of a day to do a deep dive into my strengths, skills, passions and purpose and he has helped not only me professionally, but also my company to become more focused and clear in why I do what I do and how I can help others.”

“Our team recently had the opportunity to spend a day focused on Clarity Therapy. Steve has a great process that led us to fresh ideas and a sharpened focus on our business. Steve brings a unique outside perspective to the table along with his many years of experience, leading to positive results. I highly recommend Clarity Therapy!”

You cleared out 95% of the job search fog and with your help I now see my ideal career path clearly. Closing the door to improper matches has helped me to focus on those 5% of opportunities that allow me to be a “key” player, not a cog in the corporate wheel. As a direct result of clarity therapy, I  had 9 interviews with 6 organizations in just one short month!

“Professional coaching is a realm which many people claim, but only a few stand out with the combination of business savvy and interpersonal acumen that provides priceless counsel. Steve is one of those elite. It would be trite to call his guidance life-changing – but in my case, it would also be true. Working with him has been one of my best professional decisions.”

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