Who Loves You?


I am blogging about 20 Questions that you need to answer in order to set your business focus, and make your company referral-ready. The first one was, What are your Company Strengths?, followed by, What is Your Company’s Domain Expertise? Now, let’s turn to…

Question #3 – Who Loves You?

I’m a big believer in the idea that we launch ourselves into business with (hopefully!) 80% of an idea where we’re going, then the marketplace directs us from there.

I’ve had a number of course corrections over the years, and they have generally been driven by customers saying, in one way or another: This, not that.

Now, we can stubbornly push forward based on some set of ideal notions in our own heads, but revenue comes from customers, and that’s why we need to pay close attention when we manage to scratch where someone is itching.

Or, when someone tells us about an itch that no-one else is scratching.

Customers love you when you meet them at their itch, instead of telling them all about your solution to someone else’s problem.


For years, as a parent with children and a whole bunch of devices, there was one product I had an itch for – and no-one made it. Finally, I saw an ad for Circle (by Disney) and ordered it on the spot – because it was exactly what I wanted. A router-level device to configure and control internet access throughout the house at a per-person level (I should receive it this week and will review it!) I am betting that there are thousands of other digital-savvy parents who are itching for something like this.

For a couple of years, I casually consulted with some of my boutique partner companies about their brand positioning and messaging. I wasn’t try to build that as a business – it just happened. Turns out there was a tremendous itch and I was somehow managing to scratch it. That’s how Clarity Therapy was born.

Your customers can provide you with some of the best insight about where you should go in the marketplace. What are they telling you is your sweet spot? Where are they already referring you? If they’re showing you a widespread itch in a profitable niche, you may have all the market research you need!


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