Your Career: Growing, or Shrinking?



There’s a certain appealing simplicity to the recent crop of AT&T ads – you know, the one with the deadpan guy sitting around with some young kids, asking questions like, “What’s better – bigger, or smaller?”

So, let’s ask a very simple question about your current career path or job role. Ready?

Are you growing, or shrinking?

Is this job, this direction, helping you to hone your abilities, and taking advantage of your unique gifts? Are you becoming a stronger and more capable professional?

Or are you withering?

One of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of being in the right job role, or career direction, or company, is that you are growing. We should evaluate our own professional career path regularly to see if we are going in a direction that is a strategic fit for us. (hmmm…KPIs for a good job role match. That could be a future blog post…)

I talk to many people who end up in job roles that aren’t fulfilling. The job itself may not be bad, or the company evil – it’s just a mis-match. Sometimes we can be promoted right into something that causes us to wither, when the intention was progress and growth. Not every step up the corporate ladder is an advance, as many have discovered.

Change is hard. Asking hard questions is hard. As you begin a new year, however, answer for yourself a simple question: Am I growing? Or shrinking?

Then you’ll know if this is the time to make a change for something better.

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