You’re an Awful Lot Like a Box of M&Ms

Last week, I had two very contrasting career Clarity Therapy sessions.

One was with a new college graduate. The other was with a very senior professional feeling “stuck” after decades of work.

They had one thing in common. M&Ms.


In every case, the process of getting down to an individual’s DNA – their unique wiring – involves a download of information very similar to dumping out a box of M&Ms.

You have all these different colors with no coherent pattern – at first. However, the salient facts are all there – skillful questioning brings to the surface the individual’s makeup, professional desires, and optimal skills.

It’s like slowly extracting the red M&Ms and lining them up. All of a sudden, the picture – the pattern – becomes much clearer.

Even in the case of the new graduate, her real skill set became readily apparent, despite a limited work experience. Because whether we’re young or well-seasoned, the red M&Ms are there. We often just need an outside interpreter to bring them together and make sense of them.

(P.S. – yes, during in-person Clarity Therapy sessions, I DO provide the M&Ms…!)

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